Dogs Cambridge

11 Race Meeting

5% stake all races

Utilising “Trifecta with a Twist Variant” calculator.

Combination used for each race, based on selecting 1st Favourite in second place.

No Bet race #4, Six contenders therefore no value to be had.

Win on race 5 and 6, for a total loss of $2.70 on investment.

Good discipline is applied, therefore stop Betting while behind and not Broke!

Dogs Cambridge 21422


Dogs Manukau

Twelve race meeting

Using “Trifecta with a Twist” variant calculator

5% staking all races

Happy with today’s outcome. Having lost some, won some, lost some more, finishing with a positive comeback, all be it $1.30 profit on the fifth race.

End of Betting while a head.

Dogs Manukau 10422


Dogs Cambridge

Dry Bet Test using “Trifecta with a Twist Variant” Calculator

The what could have been if actually Staking.

Win on the First race.

Dogs Cambridge 7422 Picks and Result


Manukau Dogs

12 Race meeting

Using, “Trifecta with a Twist Variant” Calculator.

5% Staking on all races.

A much better result at the Dogs today.

Race #1, Win but, A loss on investment.

Race #2, Fail.

Race #3, Win, for a better return on investment.

Try one more with a different Combination Variant.

Race #4, Win.

End of betting while gains are made.

Dogs Manukau 3422


Manukau Dogs

10 Race Meeting

Using “Trifecta with a Twist Variant Calculator”

10% Staking plan all races.

Five FAILS in a row so end of betting while behind and not BROKE!

Dogs Manukau 27322



Manukau Dogs

11 Race Meeting

Using, “Trifecta with a Twist Variant” Calculator.

10% Staking plan

Fails on first two races.

5 contenders in race three so no value there. Was going to skip this race but decided to do a Boxed Bet.

10% Stake, $6.00

Obvious Win but, a loss on investment.

Return, $3.50

Race 4, Successful outcome.

As per strict self control, End of Betting.

Dogs Manukau 20322


Manukau Dogs

12 race meeting

Using the “Trifecta with a Twist Variant” calculator.

5% stake on all races.

Dogs being maximum of eight contenders, allows for a more structured staking plan.

Did not need to fight very hard. Win on the first race.

As per a good betting strategy, stop betting after a win.

Dogs Manukau 13322

5/3/22 and 6/3/22



Two race meetings covered:

Wingatui and Ellerslie as per attached pdf link.

Wingatui Ellerslie 5322




11 Race meeting

Four races wagered using Trifecta with a Twist Variant.

First two being fails.

Number 5 in race 2 that I excluded took a top spot.

Race 3: WIN.

Skipped race 4 as per my Betting strategy. Stop Betting after a WIN.

Race 5: A 6 dog field so had already wagered a 6 Boxed Trifecta in advanced.

Race 5: WIN.

End of Betting for a good weekend result.

Manukau Dogs 6322

Addicted to Greyhounds




Using the ‘Trifecta With A Twist’ strategy with a variant.

Dog races being smaller fields set to no more than eight contenders, allows for a more fixed staking cost.

The attached example using 5% staking plan.

Small Bankroll, small stakes.

Dogs Trifecta with a twist variant


Te Aroha

9 race meeting.

1 of 8 Possible Winning “Trifecta with a Twist” Combinations used for all races.

Starting Bank = $50.31

First three races non success.

Fourth race a collect.

Total initial outlay for four races = $14.40

End of Betting

Ending Bank = $55.81

$5.50 Profit.

Te Aroha 190921 Picks and Result